The project

I am building this blog to go alongside a current project I am working on. I am a new dad, and have found myself wanting to teach my son about self reliance and the freedom it brings. The problem is that I need to find the opportunities to teach most of this. I thought about books since we spend time at night reading, and after having looked for some time for books I could use, I found none. There would be a select few which would help, and some day I will read to my son the story of the ant and the grasshopper. I still would like to keep him entertained with a book that shows straight on the benefits and lessons of self reliance. He may not get the full concept of it, but it would keep him entertained with some good values. After a while I realized: maybe I can make the book myself. It would be something I love to do and something I can build up at a good pace. My comic artist days were long behind me and my style was never really for children’s books, but I could study and retool. This would be worth it. My son and the lessons other children may learn would be worth the project, even if I failed at it. Even if I do not finish it. it would be a worthwhile endeavor. If I post it here and do not finish the book, if I am lucky someone might continue the idea in their own way. And children will benefit from it.

My hope is that by the time I finish the book, my son will be old enough to grasp the stories and the meaning of it that I am trying to teach him through other ways.

Feedback welcome!

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