The Process

I started the blog, drew a few pages of artwork and had the storyline to about 70%. I have the conclusion laid out and done the research for the story. I have been having issues with controlling what goes into it because I had planned to write this book for ages 5-7 or so. I do not have formal training on what constitutes reading material for this age so I am kind of winging it. With the speed of advancement that kids are getting nowadays anyway, old ways to identify reading materials might be a bit-old. I mean my toddler is learning from apps on my wife’s iPad. I just overheard him count to 9, with a few numbers missing. He sometimes sings his ABCs, with letters amiss and lots of humming. I haven’t taught him these formal academic things yet. He’s picked it up from tv, apps and stuff. (We don’t watch a lot of tv, but we do have netflix)

Anyway, not to get to off topic and end up with a journal on my son’s progress (yes, a journal on your kid’s progress is nice to have), the book has not seen a lot of progress for the last 3 months. Life happens, but I do plan to continue to work on it. I have a few other obligations that need to be sent out and then hopefully I can focus a few hours a week on the book. The art is there but needs to be digitized and rendered/colored. Now that I think about it, I remember saying to myself that I might forgo the high level/finished/high production art I hoped to do. I do not have the systems and the time in place to do it yet. I might experiment with a more simple and quick to produce set of illustrations first.

At some point I will be uploading draft sketches here. I’d like to connect the blog to people who might provide useful insight on the book. There’s a lot of parents out there who are thinking of the same things as I am, I just need to make the connection.


Feedback welcome!

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