Initial artwork

It is 12:56 am and I have had a rough and busy day. Still, I’ve been wanting to post and pick up the pace for my little project so I spent some time adjusting the story and sketching a few storyboards. I keep thinking that due to my bias on the subject I’ve crammed too much in the first few pages of this story to be efficient for kids to read. Maybe it would be useful for children ages 8 and up, but I’m not sure how to get their attention yet. So I sketched a few storyboards with the story stepping back quite a bit. I felt sad to be discarding some earlier ideas, but that might not be such a bad thing. It means the idea is developing-and it really should be developed before I put it out there to publish.

So I though I’d add some initial artwork here, I’m not sure if this sketch would make it to the final pages but I like this one.


Dad and son using frs radio to talk to mom and sis in the farmers market

It is simple and concise, it is a scene where the dad is carrying his son through the local farmers market to purchase their monthly supply of fresh goods. His son is on a frs radio talking to his sister-who is with mommy to find beefsteak tomatoes. This is part of the initial character development of the story. First few pages give an introduction to the family, this is like page 3, I think. Daddy is reviewing his notes on what he needs to stock up on, backpack for easy transport. Even show his worn out timex watch-which I have and has a compass on it. I know these are like details some folks don’t care about…but I was doing this book with my son in my mind. When we read a book we always go back over and over and since we’re read it a few times we go and look at all the little details. (i.e. the king is wearing sneakers…or the boy in the garden has a spade like daddy does…) So I put some details in to add discussion points and just some topics that parents can use to relate their activities, personalities, to their kids so they can build an appreciation for their parents’ activities.

Anyway, I am looking forward to finding more time to update the story and sketch up the new scene. I’m thinking of doing away with the farmers market scene and resort to another way to introduce the family. Will update soon I hope 🙂


Feedback welcome!

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