I’m not sure how to proceed with the format for the book, and I may be over-thinking it. I have always wanted to bring it to photoshop as a vector file so I can really adjust and get clean graphics, clean lines. I know I said I might just do away with good production and just get it out even if it’s a bit sketchy. I mean, Curious George started that way. It’s still a great read even when I watch the show with my toddler now.

I don’t know how to go about converting my hand sketch to a vector file. I thought of outsourcing the sketch to someone to do the conversion, but I worry it might be costly. I have to explore that option. Maybe I will run into someone later, when I have more illustrations ready for that part of the project. One idea I’ve been playing in my head is that I know I can also trace my handsketch by a software called Autocad-which is really an architectural program used to draw up plans. I used it everyday. It’s not a straight up graphic software, but it does make great vector drawings. I’m not sure how long that takes for me to draw a page of, since I haven’t tried it in that application and I’m not sure how efficient it would be. Test page maybe?

Here’s a sample of some drawings done with the program. These are all straight lines and text, and I’m not sure how the software would handle lots of curves and splines…


Feedback welcome!

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