I can’t recall how many times I have been sketching the characters…I have a notebook and a few binders of paper of just the faces and body types for the main characters…and there’s only 4 main characters so far. I recall doing a survey and researching polls from other forums about what are the typical body types, age groups of their children, their backgrounds…I was hoping to develop the characters to relate to the middle ground of where most people who value self-reliance stand. It was a very diverse set of folks. It’s a snapshot of the country, with folks from every corner of the land, every aspect of life, every spectrum of society. I was pretty glad, to see that self-reliant folks come from all walks of life. And they well should.

Now, back to the character development, I’m not there yet and I guess we will be playing with flexible characters. Probably a more general set of clothes, a normal car (suv) normal parents…I am hoping to develop the characters into a very basic set of features that would be easy to recall for kids, but applicable to all families. I don’t know how many times I have sketched these faces with different poses, clothes, hairstyles and what not.

It is a wonderful exercise, I hope one day my son will read these.

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