On that last post…

I was looking at the image from that last post-where I threw in a washed out color and some items…I know I said this was just to see what it would look like, and so now I have some ideas.

I think the drawing looks sterile. I planned to send these over to adobe illustrator to convert them and then color them, but I am rethinking it. The lines are clean, but it does not look so imaginative. Maybe when I throw in the background to convey a sense of location and context: where are they? Maybe the pictures of the items in there are too strong they kill the whole image? Should I make it look a bit more sketchy? To show a more loose structure on the drawings? More playful lines?

The drawing brought up a lot of other questions. I wish I had a more flexible day job :-/ I would love to sit down and think this through…

Feedback welcome!

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