Grocery scene (mom and daughter)

Grocery scene (mom and daughter)

This is a sketch of the scene where mom and daughter are shopping for food as the family is preparing for a coming hurricane. The previous post showed the father and son scene with them doing their part by getting some last minute items at the hardware store. Here the grocery list was to stock up on things like milk and bread and last minute things. The scene shows them standing in front of an empty tray of (what used to be) beefsteak tomatoes. I thought it was a good excuse to include (in a further string to the story) the family preparing to make some salsa-a productive activity which could be done even during a power outage. It is always a good idea to keep yourselves productive and busy during events of crisis (even small ones). Just an aside there.

Anyway the other main reason I have this scene, was to introduce the use of the radio among the kids. His brother is in the hardware store and they are communicating that they are almost done and are ready to head back to the car. The radio gets introduced here is used as a tool to connect to another character later on. It kind of helps to expand the world the kids are interacting with. During the hurricane in the middle of the story I cannot introduce their friend because he would have to be at home where he is safe-so this connection to their friend starts with the radio.

Now I know there are cellphones that could be used so why bother with a radio…Well these are cost-effective family use radios (FRS) and serve as useful walkie-talkies for kids. Mom and Dad had provided them so everyone could keep in touch as a back-up to Mom and Dad’s cellphones.


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