More black and white pencils please…

I think I need to find a way to install Photoshop onto this laptop. It would help throw in some color on these…

Dark scary hallway

Dark scary hallway (in pencil shades for now)

So another pencil study, this one for the hallway scene where the kiddos are walking down the hallway after waking up into a morning with power down and a storm outside. Supposed to be one of those pages in your kid’s book where you try to make them feel the suspense and get em a bit scared. Anyway that’s what I would be doing on this page.

The setting is, they just woke up and are trying to explore the house while the power is out. They were prepared enough to have flashlights by their beds (they spent yesterday preparing for stuff because there was news of this big hurricane coming). I was thinking this scene kind of gets my son to think: hey it can be scary out there but I can be brave about it. I know this is our house, it looks different but somewhere over there is mom and dad’s room and I can count on them to be there…I’d like the book to help me teach my son to be brave, that having planned ahead pays off, that some adventure is good too.

Will throw in lots of shade and contrast as I kind of outlined with the pencil. Light source would only be their flashlights and the light at the end of the hallway.

It forced me to learn to draw a rear view of the characters and somehow make them look like the same if you looked at them from the front. I didn’t want to have a disconnect with the visual ID a young reader might be give to the characters. I think I will reinforce this by adding in pretty defined pajama patterns-so rear view or front there is a visual continuity there. This way the imagination can keep going and if there’s any lag on who the characters are, the pajamas will help bridge that.


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