Flashlights for bedtime

Hurricane season is upon us again and I recall planning to issue this book months ago to be ahead of bad weather so children reading it can find some kind of interest in what is happening. I thought I would have the book done in a year but now I am not so sure. Just finding the time to add to the storyline and work on the sketches…it is a lot of work. I wonder if I should hire someone to digitize my handsketches.

Last tips before sleepy time

Last tips before sleepy time

Anyway, this is a sketch of the children and the parents, handing out flashlights and giving some last minute tips before they go to bed. There is a big storm coming in the morning. They had spent the entire day working on the house, preparing for the big storm and teaching the children what they can do in the scenarios that may occur. So now they are ready for bed and when they wake up, in case power is out they should not be worried and proceed according to the plans they as a family have talked about.

The image tries to focus on the kids and their expression reaching for the flashlights and last minute info. Parents are surrounding them in a kind of embrace (protection and care) . the horizon line for the image is on the kids’ level and parents have to lean down to fit into the frame. Dad is standing up since he is not handing over flashlights too, but he is still forced to be on the same horizon line.  This is the vantage point in most parts of the book and if not, it is probably because I had a weirder vantage point to make the image more interesting for kiddos reading it. This scene comes before the dark hallway scene which I had posted here.

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