Wakey wakey!

bunker bedPicking up from the last post: so the kids go to bed and overnight the hurricane comes in. [I am thinking should I include some way to imply that the parent/s stayed up or kept an eye out during the night to check on the hurricane’s progress while everyone else slept…] So the hurricane comes in during the night and the kids wake up to pouring rain and wind they hear from their room. Here, the boy is first to wake up and calls out to his sister. There’s supposed to be some kind of tension so that the parents reading the book can go “oh no!” or something to that effect as long as it has the exclamations to rouse interest and get some sense of adventure and urgency.

[thoughts to myself: it might be that we have to many “!” moments that it might lose it’s effect throughout the book. The book is going to be long anyway and we will run out. We have to find other ways to keep interest up not only through aha moments. Some tasks involved in the book might be too mundane for a child, so either we make those an aha moment or make it into something very interesting: like the canning scene where the focus is on putting stickers onto the finished jars…something to think about]


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