Storyboards in the works

I wanted to upload some VERY RECENT storyboards I am working on. I have been at a pause since I haven’t prepared the storyboard in advance after the scene where the kids get out of their room and meet with daddy. I sketched this just tonight, and hope to sketch out the actual scenes in the nights to follow.

This first one comes in after the kids went out of the hallway and into the dark part of the house. There they meet up with daddy who is at the end of the hallway with a lantern. This page shows the transition from that to a breakfast scene, the kids being toured around the house to comfort them about how the situation is under control, some tips are thrown in which are useful for parents and children reading the book.

I wanted to add in some info I learned from listening to another blog called thesurvivalpodcast. I listen to this blog a LOT and learn A LOT and some of the things I show here were from that blog. There was a great interview there on preparing for power outages by the host Jack Spirko with a guest named Steve Harris. They described a way to put together a small battery bank as a back-up power source in the event of a blackout. They also gave some great tips how to maximize resources and one I am adding here is to eat up the ice cream first in your fridge. This takes special attention since this would be something that would keep the young reader awake in case the book has trailed off a bit longer than they wanted. There was info on stocking your fridge with water to freeze to store thermal mass (cold) so that your fridge stays cooler longer even without power. I have a scene drawn up for this but have not uploaded it to the blog. If you are interested, here is the actual interview.

Storyboard: morning of blackout

Storyboard: morning of blackout

The second one attached is how the story includes in Joe (temporary name for the kids’ neighbor) and his dilemma. The kids are going about the rest of the day calm and comfortable, when their walkie-talkie goes off and they hear Joe.

Storyboard: Transition

Storyboard: Transition

Joe would continue on to chit chat about how things are going with some regular kid stuff/cartoon/toy and mention on the side that his dad is upset and has some problems in the house. The kids would go on to ask more info on Joe on what the problem is…

I am thinking of how this goes on. I am always keeping in mind how many pages I have in the book so far and how I can hold the attention of young readers. Still in progress, will try to work on this storyboard or maybe the scenes based on the first one posted above. By the time I am done with those pages I hopefully will have thought out how to proceed with the kids investigating Joe’s call.

Feedback welcome!

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