Goodnight wave to Joe

Scene to show proximity of friend to the kids' home.

Scene to show proximity of friend to the kids’ home.

This sketch comes after the radio check scene. It visualizes for the child reader where was that kid that the protagonists were talking to over the radio. I think it could be useful as toddlers do not always understand how a phone or radio works. Parents need to somehow explain what the phone or radio does, that it is not merely an audio instrument but a means to communicate with someone on the other end. I helped my son understand it by speaking on the phone with him and mommy as I snuck around the door and he heard me and saw me over the same device-made it easier for him to connect the dots. He was less than 2 I think. But the method helped him understand it.

Similarly that is why Radio check is drawn in a split screen, and here the kids wave to Joe at his house. The image will be colored to isolate where Joe is and to hone in on that distance, to tie in where Joe is relative to the kid’s home so that it will be easier for a later part of the story.

I had inked two outlines for where the house would be, and I ended up finalizing the one that is farther out in perspective. Not sure why, I think I was framing the window to fit into the composition at that lower right window pane and keep the house proportions normal without implying a huge roof structure. I was trying to keep the waving hand, the head and the window altogether in a compact arrangement.

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