I hit a deer on the road

This is not a real post. I just wanted to keep track of this lapse, for it’s been some time (about  2 months since my last post). I’ve been busy with some things, some of them are good and worth the delay for this project. Some of them, well I could have been more productive.

We had the holiday season-from Thanksgiving thru the New Year. I spent most of these mainly for family. I have also been spending some time studying for my architecture license exam. That will take some time, and perhaps equally the same amount of effort as this book. Probably the book will require more since that it is a creative process. Both endeavors will allow me and my family to move out from where we live now. This has also taken up some time. We have been planning to move from NYC to Texas.

I have some sketches that I could have posted. This morning I looked at what I have been sitting on and realized, I paused working on it because I hit a road block. It was a small nuance in production, but would affect the overall message of this book. It was the question of what is the book really doing for the readers. I realized I had been focused on using the book and the story as a means to relate the parents’ work on self reliance to the child reading the book. It was a prepper parent’s tool to help their children understand the message of prepping. It was too focused on that. In the end, I think I spent too much time on the gear, the preparations the parents had done, the build up of the story’s context…All of them useful, but I need to let a lot of that go and just make it a book for children. It MUST be a book for children, where they will learn self reliance and the freedom they can attain from it. This was the real reason I stopped working. I had to accept that I will be redoing a lot of the story, a lot of the drawings and maybe a big part of the context of the book. I was stunted by the amount of changes I might need to do, and I was in denial.

I believe I have had enough time to accept it, and will be working again. I will still need to understand what the solutions to the problems I found are, and that will take time before I can be drawing again. Still this is a good time to have found the questions to these things. It’s early enough I can just start over if I have to.


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