Sand bagging the home

I am working on transitioning the book so that the lead children of the story will have more active roles and more freedom to explore and play around. The prior restraints I had put in my head about how the reality of the world in the book was…too realistic. I am looking to let the children explore and get in more trouble, kind of figure things out and let the parents step back some more. I keep thinking of Curious George as an example, but I always have to balance it with the fact that George is a monkey. He can get away with lots of things and the children reading/watching his story will always have that as a kind of anchor point that there are some real differences with the world where George is and the real one.

So I am trying to get to my own sense of reality and it’s balance for the book. The children will have more adventure this way, and the parents will not always be close by watching their every turn from the backgrounds of the book. I do not want to go all out and be too imaginative-at least not yet-as prepping and self-reliance is a key subject on the book and these are very much connected to reality and maintaining some relative understanding of it even as it changes. This sketch attached is a scene where I am trying to get myself to that new level of reality/imagination. I know it is a simple scene, but I am going by baby steps here. I’m trying to free my characters of their parental guidance so they can be good, cool kids exploring on their own, learning about self reliance on their own with some guidance from their parents at certain points of the story.

sandbagging sceneHere the children are working on sand bagging their home for an upcoming storm. They are not just playing on the dirt, they have the same tools and same work gloves and are getting messy. Mom is doing her own thing and Dad is doing his. It’s kind of a production line, boy brings sand, girl fills bag, mom secures and dad lifts it into place…Each part a real role.

Baby steps. I am doing a lot of revision for the storyboards, trying to set more opportunities for the kids to play their roles.


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