Need more headshot studies

I am inking the sketch from the last post. I was considering inking in a more loose sketch version in hopes that it would accommodate the limited time I have to sit down in a controlled environment to ink out in clean lines and in a controlled heart rate. Finding time to sit and work is hard having to work with all the things life has to offer. I am pushing to do it today though, even though I have not arrived at a sketching solution that would solve my time problems. I am posting so I can build on the blog, on the book. I need to post in a defined frequency-so I will have some kind of progress day to day, week to week. Like waking up daily to get to work, wait 9 hours then go back home-regardless if you like it or not, you do it with a consistent cadence as it is a requirement you have to fulfill as part of the contract of having a job.

Back to the sketch…this is just a couple of snapshots from the iphone. (Maybe taking a photo in lieu of scanning it would also allow me a more fluid workflow-but alas my wordpress app does not have the ability to upload multiple new media and save it to the library…)

SANDBAG photo 1So some errors on the ink show, mostly because I have not worked out a 360 degree headshot for the characters.

SANDBAG photo 2Here I have no idea how to make our lead boy character look up and still look like himself in his basic 3/4 profile headshots. I tried to play loose and went straight with some inks and before finishing it decided it was not going to fly. I came back in and tried to move around the facial features which define them quite a bit. I know it is just basically a dot and a couple of short lines to make his face-but the relationships between those dots eventually become familiar and will look consistent.

I don’t mean to whine, but there is a lot of repetition involve to end up with the same faces each time I draw them. For the age groups reading the book maybe it is not a big deal. I stressed myself a bit on getting their face look the same every single time, but the truth is the readers will probably not notice it at all. There are key things they need to relate to a particular character and I think I will use color and other easier visual cues to achive that. Not that I do not care for the consistency and quality of it, but the big picture is my goal here. I need to get this book together, even if it is not fully developed because the message has to get out so I can share it with my son in a creative way, and allow other folks to use it to share stories to their tots too. Development is going to keep coming as I go anyway and the things that come after the book is published are all still developments-I have no plan to sit idle and stagnate on what ideas I have that are really just in their infancy. That’s what this book is-an idea in it’s infancy. I may have big ideas and dreams for the long term, but right now I need to execute on this plan/idea. And make it into something more than just an idea.

By the way there is a new wiki I would like to mention for fellow like minded folks. It is a wiki for all things prepping and survival. You can find it at It is new but it is growing with the efforts of the TSP community. TSP stands for TheSurvivalPodcast and is a daily podcast that I listen to. It covers a broad range of topics and gives me a level headed approach to prepping.

Feedback welcome!

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