superI’m wondering about giving some kind of super skills to the kids in the story. To make them more interesting to your child reader. There’s always something special with cartoon characters today and it would make the characters more attractive. Makes a high light on their story and will facilitate in imaginations and games when the readers will play scenarios about the story. This would act like a bridge to cross over beyond the reading session and into the play area. Capitalize on that impact from the story.

I originally kept a good level of realism on the story so as to let it easier for the parents to relay things to their children reading the book. This has led me to work within a more restrained imagination. This is mostly because I was writing the book with a lot of the interests of the parents in mind. How does the parent relate their prepping to their children in some creative story. It was a parent’s world and the story revolved around the characters trying to be self-reliant in a dimension where really at their age the parents have to be nearby for a whole lot of things-not much room for adventure. I’ve always struggled with how I can make it more appealing for kids to read.

Now if I can just balance this reality with some kind of high light skill where the characters can pounce on a problem and formulate some solution, that would be something for the reader to look at and idealize, imagine about and play with. And still remain in a reality that the parents can relate with the reader and still have some parental control over the adventures that might be inspired from the book. For example, I would not intend for the reader to go out after reading the book and hook up electrical equipment for a battery bank. But if the characters need to do something like that, they may need to – but somehow I have to balance this with their parents being able to provide oversight. Hmm that gets tricky, but if pulled off I think it will be worth it.


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