Basement inspection

This scene comes up after the family has completed sand bagging a portion of their property that links to a stream. The parents have gone back to the house and the kids are contemplating on the sequence of events that happen if water breaches their dam. They eventually follow the path of water to a window to their basement. And after checking where that same window opens into, they find out it goes to the basement where dad and mom have a good amount of preps stored.

basement size-upHere the kids are sizing up the risks and come to the idea that dada probably has a back up plan in case the dam leaks/breaks. This will lead to the next key element of the story.

I threw in a mini silhouette of the kids running from outside going into the basement. It’s a shortcut but it should work with the parents reading to their children the change in the scenario. This lets me skip drawing up a transition in the scene from outside to going into the house and down the basement. Not much happens in there so it is not a big loss.

There’s a bit of opportunity to showcase what the parents have stored up. Maybe I did not make the most of that chance, but there’s some things in there that parents can point to their kids to show what they have put aside in their own homes. I made it more generic: labelled boxes and some pressure canned mason jars. This helps to avoid criticisms of other preppers in case I was not so thorough in planning out the sketch of the items.

This sketch was made before I was pondered giving them super skills of some type. I need to explore that further, will probably post some studies here to.

Feedback welcome!

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