Character changes

I think I have a much better idea now on how I can make good use of the characters and be able to make them more interesting to the child reader, able to play the role of a self-reliant kid (with parental oversight of course-just a bit behind the scenes) and be a cool personality kids will be more attracted or interested with.

I’ve been pondering on giving them super skills or special abilities, but that was always a hard balance for me. I started the book with the idea of having them close to reality so that parents can utilize the book to convey the realities of prepping with their children. I kept running against the problem of making it interesting for kids-so that the parents are not having a hard time convincing their kids to sit down with them and read the book. The child reading the story must desire the story, must be interested, must eventually ask their own questions.

Hence, I’ve been seeking to balance realism with some kind of super skill and to infuse more imagination in the story. It was going to be quite ordinary for a child reading it if there was not much imagination. I mean, kids who get it (prepping, self reliance) will get it. Even if the characters have no special skills they will still be interested. My goal was to get the kids who are not into it. I wanted a way to get them involved too.

So with two characters, boy and a girl, the new souped up “powers” are going to show in the story. The girl will be a great source of information and knowledge. Her main tool for the job will be her smart phone and her vast knowledge base and connections. She will take lead in tasks that need planning and research. Our boy will be the man who executes the plans and quick on his feet. He will be a bit more hands on initially. In the end, I have to balance out how they display their skills so they both show skill in either field. Just happens that this was an easier strategy in my opinion to begin with. This will let the story evolve and portray two things which I think the modern individual will need to have good knowledge of: information and the ability to execute on it. There is the research and youtube how-tos, then there are the hands-on skills and the adventure of figuring out if things will work. These skills distributed to these two characters will allow a lot of problem solving and much self-reliance to be displayed.

character concept

Yes it’s not so much a costume changing, banner waving, crowd-cheering super power, but it will get the job done and will still be close to reality.


Feedback welcome!

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