Checklist scene

This scene happens early in the book right after the family gets back to their homestead from the grocery and hardware store. The kids are starting to show some of their tools for their adventures and here they are planning out what tasks they have. I know most of these are tasks for grown-ups but as I worked on the book I needed to liberate myself to give the kids more freedom so I can make the book more imaginative and interesting to the actual readers (for whom the book is being made for). So anyway, they have this list of things that need to be done in getting ready for the storm that’s coming. It involves closing out the house, reducing the perishable food in the fridge by canning them, ensuring all devices are charged and getting ready for the possible black out in general.

I drew these separately, the main page will be dominated by the back view of the children looking down their tablet which then has details called out on the other activities.

checklist scene

Now the other scenes are drawn full size for converting to an ai file. I will resize them to fit later. Just drawing them larger actually makes it easier for me since I get in with the right amount of details and I am not crampled up in space. There is much less detail since these do not need it. This is one of many times where actuallu doing the full load of work actually saves me work and makes things easier-even if the drawings were small.

The rest of the other drawings:

This depict them getting their bug out bags ready, just in case:

checklist scene mini-bug out bag

This depicts David (what I decided to call the boy until I get a final name for all the characters)  closing off all windows throughout the house…

checklist scene mini-window

This depicts Sarah (also her name for the time being) helping Mommy with canning some of their food to minimize risks if they do loose power, so that the fridge is not an energy drain…

checklist scene-mini canning

There is also this weird image that I need to come up with that depicts a city without power. Here it is just a silhouette of homes in black with some lights to make it understandable that these are homes and those lights are from windows…at least for those that have candles or lanterns…

checklist scene- blackout

Just a show of progress for now. I am trying to post more regularly so as to push myself to update and …make progress on the book. I am looking forward to inking these in Adobe. The thing is even now I am still evolving the story and tweaking things here and there…I feel I have not yet fully realized the best version of these characters and this blog is helping me put thoughts on paper as to their direction and development.


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