New dog coming to the household

I am adding a new character to the book-this one is a dog. I realize it will be beneficial to the story and to the bond that the characters can make to the children reading it. I have not yet designed the pup but I am working on it. These are some initial sketches as I try to understand the mechanics and motions of having a dog. I had a dog when I was a child and when I was a young adult. Here where I am now I do not have the space, but I would love my son to have a pet pup when he is of age.

dog study


Currently I am looking at a mutt for the role, just because I want a pup who would not be so specific as to alienate other dogs and make the kids appreciate them less. The studies here are based from a german sheperd, a good candidate but still I am looking to go with a mutt 🙂


Feedback welcome!

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