Meet Blackie


This is Blackie, I will be modelling the dog after him. Blackie is part of the TSP family, he passed away about a year ago after 16 years with Jack’s family.

I asked Jack if I could base the character on Blackie so I have an actual dog, with their own personality and traits-to enrich the dog for the book. Of course I could have just kept studying random dogs, photos and what not, but most of the characters in the book so far have been based on people who have a personal value to me. I was looking for inspiration for the character of my dog in the story. There’s a bit of me who is happy to strengthen my connection with the TSP community too by having Blackie, but that is more for me than for the book. I am happy to have Jack and his family’s blessing to model after Blackie and hope I can make my dog in the story as much a positive force for children reading the book as Blackie was for Jack’s family.

Sixteen Years of Devotion


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