More dog studies

I have some familiarity with drawing dogs but I do not feel right to introduce the character until I know I can consistently represent him/her in a positive way. I feel I need to earn that skill of drawing a dog with enough familiarity before I just throw him/her in the book. Thus the redundant sketching and studying. I wish I knew someone who had a dog close by. Maybe when the weather gets warmer I will be out in the local dog parks to sketch them out-problem is that would delay the story quite a bit. I need a model, it has not been easy finding one right now.

Dog study 3







Some thoughts on the new character, I would like a mixed breed/mutt with some guard dog or working dog background. I grew up with a mutt as a dog and we had a terrier around 5 years ago in our old home. I do not know much about dogs with breeds so I need to do some digging there-then study the characteristics of that breed. I wanted to portray them with a straight/level back. A larger chest for running and stamina…And I wanted his ears to be bendy 🙂 I think that might make them more attractive and friendly for kids reading the book.

The rest of the book is pending the new pup and a new climax. The rest of the build up to the climax remains, some tweaks to accommodate the new pup but otherwise consistent. I will do a post at some point of what this climax was-after I have finalized the new one.


Feedback welcome!

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