Progress on Blackie so far

It is 2 am and I just wanted to make a quick update on how this is going. So after studying the known breeds that make up Blackie I did quite a few sketches of just him from the photos I had. I can make out some clear profiles for his snout which are particular to him and his ears which are also useful. I wanted to have floppy ears  to begin with so this turned out to be a good match. I am tweaking the ears a bit and making them rectangular than triangular just for effect with the rest of the shape of the head. The profile of Blackie’s snout has a slight bump up in the middle and slopes to a more typical nose, his flew ( i had to look up what the flap on the cheek is called) has a bit of a droop past his lips as is typical to most dogs. Now I know these bumps and droops and spots all seem very much the same with every other dog-but the goal of this exercise is to be familiar with where the model’s particular bumps and droops and spots occur and what not-as these are tools later for me to build from. At this point I am just working to keep the profile and his general color-though I am thinking I will add a highlight of white at the snout area.

Here are some of the sketches, the latest ones which I feel are close are the ones I inked. I am starting to simplify the drawing so I can use if in the book and so it matches with the rest of the characters in the story…

blackie study 2blackie study 1

Feedback welcome!

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