Self publishing options

So besides having to put the content together I need to figure out how to publish the book. I have a few options and I wanted to post what I found here-for my future reference and for other readers’ reference:

  1. Kickstarter– they have been a great way for a lot of entreprenuers to get their projects funded-and I never really looked at them until tonight. I want to make sure I have them on my list since at some point I would like to consider a printed copy also.
  2. Amazon KDP – Amazon Kindle is the most used ebook app and I had intended to use them from the very beginning. I actually started this with this route in mind. However, while I was reading thru options for this topic, I recalled that their royalties are outrageous. I end up losing about 50% of the ebook price to them for distribution and royalties. They do offer some good incentives if you make the book exclusive to them for the first 3 months. This incentive includes being part of the Kindle Lending club-which allows lots of potential readers access to your material for no cost to them-but you get paid for it ($2.18 if I recall correctly)
  3. Smashwords – one of the more DIY options and closer to an open source model in my opinion. They also provide a free ISBN with the service. More on ISBNs later.
  4. iBooks – great option also particularly since they offer the app to make the ebook interactive. Not to mention the app is tied to all the ipads and macbooks and iphones that plague the digital world today. They are everywhere, and in my opinion is a major contender to Kindle. The downside is that the product from their app is only useful to iBooks and you cannot use it on other platforms.


For reference, I point back to a great article from CNET editor David Carnoy:

Regarding ISBNs I would point to this article:

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