The Shop

Scanner still out, but I am just going to keep posting anyway. I am pushing to do more posts so I can get the story finalized and then start working on the artwork. This here is a pencil of the family getting a first look at what the flooding has done to Jerry’s workshop at his basement. I am looking into references to get a better understanding of what is in that shop. Initial idea was from a bladesmith’s workshop who’s blog I used to follow closely. I have lost that link but the coolness of the workshop remains in my head. Not sure if Jerry will turn out to be a bladesmith but the basement must have real valuable things in it that both families are trying to save.

The Shop scene-pencil

Here the grown ups are starting to bail out water from the basement and go up the stairs. The kids have a good view as they stand from the stairs. They see the equipment, grown ups’ activities, they also see-a key element for later-the sump pump. This will tie in to an earlier scene that I had set up but have not yet sketched. I am thinking I need to tweak this a bit more to show some distress in the scene.



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