Pump running

So the kids have gotten power back to the basement and the grown ups have the pump running. I haven’t penciled the scene where they get power from their dad’s pick up truck and how they went thru the troubleshooting phase and how they figured out what the pump needed. This troubleshooting scene/figuring out scene is a key element in the book and I need to plan this out properly-so I skipped it for now and saved it for later.

pump running

Now back to the pencil I have here. From the last post the basement was flooded, from there the kids realized they could use the sump pump if it had power. Keep in mind the main problem in here was that the power was knocked out from the storm. Thus when the basement got flooded power was unavailable to run their pumps. The kids’ home had back up power and earlier dad had a chance to explain the concept to them. (I have to write that into the story somehow that children reading it can visualize easily)

Quick note on the composition of this: foreground is the grown ups and the sump pump. Lots of rattle and attention to how this is supposed to solve the problem. background shows kids hopeful and anxious to know if their solution worked. quietly still in the background is another problem that the kids will tackle to wrap up this problem. this allows them to go back to the troubleshooting and employ a process of elimination on what could they be missing in the solution. lots of details going on in the scenes for the shop. could work as a talking point between the child reader and their parents and kind of spark curiosity about all the staff that parents have – be it in their own shops, gardens, offices, etc.

The need for more details on the drawings have required me to reconsider original plans of how to render these. I need to use more variety when it comes to inking and rendering them now. I will be posting the whole process as I get to it. For now, I am jumping between inks, pencils, storyboards and character design on this blog.


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