Identifying the similarity/pattern

Just a quick post as I am still at my day job and I haven’t had time to work much on the book since I have had to do my taxes.  The week before that I was away for a business trip. I owe myself and my family more posts and more progress on the book.

So the sketch here depicts the kids seeing a familiar device on Jerry’s basement as the grown ups are bailing buckets of flood water out of the shop. They see what they think is the pumping device (sump pump in grown up terms) that their dad had just shown them earlier. Just before the storm came their dad showed them what he had planned for their basement should the adjacent stream flood their home. They had a sump pump with back up power-the same backup power also powered small electronics in their home. So they have some notes on Sarah’s tablet and they are trying to make sense of what they have observed. There will be a lot of observing and trouble shooting in the story and I am still trying to frame this right.

Quick note on the troubleshooting scenes-I am working on how to present this so that it comes in intuitively for how the parent reading it will interpret it to their child. It’s kind of like a visual reasoning process that the readers must enjoy riding along.

Sump found

This will probably need more work since it somehow seems impersonal-without any of the faces of the kids in view.

I will also need to revert to a more simplified background as opposed to having to redraw the shop. Too much clutter and I am already having a hard time making the sump pump look interesting. Maybe I need to build this up for visual interest, not realistic but it might be worth it since there is no real damage.

Feedback welcome!

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