Troubleshooting schematic

One of what I think will be the most important parts of this book is these parts where the twins David and Sarah sit down and take a crack at organizing their facts and arriving at a solution to the problem at hand. This is something I am not sure of actually, but I am including in the book out of faith that the children reading it in the future will have advanced comprehension that this will be something they can grasp and find interesting. I believe the children today are already displaying a glimpse of how they can adjust to information when made available to them. My son-who I have as a moving target and point of reference for the book’s target level-is very comfortable with mommy’s ipad and memorizes tons of sentences and movie lines from it. I am expecting that future readers will be of this trend.

So this scene is a part where the twins troubleshoot and analyze what is the problem and what do they know that their dad has done that they can use to fix the issue.

Troubleshooting scene study



TI have some notes on the sketch itself that tells what the scene and story is within each frame. This is a little crowded as I looked at it 3 days ago and told myself the same thing.

basically the twins review Jerry’s pump and what is the difference with their dad’s pump at home. They realize dad used a battery bank backup which would take care of the pump and which also allowed David earlier to charge electronics at the charging station that he set up. This is a big thing as it lets the conversation continue to the parents, to what items were parked there.

From there they would recall that dad mentioned that they had another one in the truck-the same truck that they drove to get to Jerry’s home. And at that point the only thing missing is a way to extend that power supply to the equipment needing it.

I have some ideas on how to make this work as a cohesive page but I cannot finalize anything as a lot is dependent on the final artwork and rendering methods. This may change too, as I am still working on how to represent this whole analysis process for the reader. It is a very important part for me.


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