I am glad to ink a few things today. I went back to the schematic for the troubleshooting scenario and penciled and inked a few of the pieces for that page. Nothing fancy, just some development from the last post. I am happy that I have a few points on my pen today. So far I have been experimenting with my pens and have been stuck with a 0.8 and another one I do not even recall. I finally went out to buy a mini set of disposables with a standard range of points and I am happy with the result. I missed how it looks-being able to detail and outline with the right pen.

Anyway I digress, this is about the drawings for this one scene. Not my rekindled appreciation for tech pens.

These are separate inks done for that one scene. I did something similar to show how I am putting together another scene for when the twins were preparing for the big storm coming. You will find that post here.

So the whole plan for the scene is to allow a narrative for the child reader to visually understand the process of troubleshooting and reasoning that the protagonists undergo to arrive at a solution that could help the grown ups in the flooding predicament they are currently busy trying a stop gap fix for.

The scene shows the twins getting the reader involved in their little analysis. Kind of like how most cartoons get the watcher to participate in the show/task-be it counting, or acting out a task, etc.

Troubleshoot kids


Then the white space to the side allows for a peak at the things they are looking at on their tablet-which is a tool Sarah uses to solve their problems. The first visualizes problem-that there is Troubleshoot tableta backup power source in their home, while Gerry does not. This is simply shown with the house silhouette and how few windows will be lit up.

The next sketch shows the next bit of information. That their dad has a sump pump that gets backup power from a backup battery setup and that even though Gerry has the same sump pump-he does not have backup power and is plugged into the grid. His problem being that the grid is out for the time being.

Troubleshoot pump



So the next few images will need to wrangle together how the kids recall another source for power and how to get that to Gerry’s basement. This was in the last blog post of the schematic for this scene. When I finalize the parts I need to adjust them if the thought process is cohesive and interesting enough for the children who will be reading the story. Will get back on that later. For now I need some sleep.


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