Battery backup in Truck

I am trying to catch up since it has been a crazy few weeks. It has been difficult to post more often for me.

This scene is where dad shows David and Sarah the truck tool box where they have a battery backup set up. This is a battery bank comprising of 2 golf cart batteries, a 1600 watt inverter and some added conveniences like a quad and a light bulb. This is based on Steven Harris’ design which I picked up at If anyone is interested in building a battery bank I would definitely recommend going to thesurvivalpodcast for a couple of free podcasts on the matter and getting Steven Harris’ videos on how to do it at


So now enough about the plug for the resources and back to what this scene is about. During the prep for the big storm in the story, the kids are given a quick review by their dad and mom on what they have around the house that would help them when the storm hits and if they lose power, or if it floods. They are introduced to a battery bank in their basement, and to the mobile battery bank they have in the family pick up truck. (the truck is based on the Toyota Tacoma, for all those interested). It had some difficulty sketching out the scene because I wanted a view of the truck box but still have everyone in view and discussing it. The sketch has a few abnormal horizon lines and perspectives to it and I just told myself to let it go. I doubt my child readers will be policing my horizon lines anyway-and hopefully they are more engrossed it the lessons they can learn from the details in the book. The kids are taking a picture of the set up (Sarah is) while David is getting his hands on some of the stuff-particularly the extension chord included in the kit.

truck box

Some great links that helped me put together this battery bank for the book are:



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