Extension Run

Like I said on the last post I found a few hours to work on the blog and here is a scene I managed to pencil and ink during that time. This is after the twins formulated the idea of providing power to Gerry’s sump pump. This comes after this scene. So they came to the conclusion that the sump pump needs power because unlike their dad’s sump pump, this had no battery bank connected to it. They reasoned that their dad had a mobile battery bank in their truck (as shown here in this other post about the scene) and that they could run an extension chord from it-the same way they powered their devices in their house by running extension chords to their battery bank.

Here is where they get access to the truck tool box with the battery bank, Sarah powers it on based on some images and notes she took with her tablet while dad was showing it to them earlier. David is going back to Gerry’s basement with the extension chord so they can hook it up to the sump pump .

Extension Run-INKBy the way, I still need to insert the final Blackie character here, as noted in pencil. I had shown Blackie in another inked sketch, but realize I need to tweak that so Blackie’s base image is a labrador.


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