We are moving to Texas!

texas1Sorry for the absent posts. It has been a crazy month. In a blinding flash I have had to resign and coordinate relocating me, my family and what we have to move 1700 miles south to Texas. I kept thinking to myself I should do a mini-post with a cool drawing of the kids packing moving boxes and all that stuff. In the end, I have not found any downtime to do anything, save tonight almost a whole month later, in a hotel in Virginia.

I barely have any followers, and I had wanted to keep them interested by posting regularly, but man this has been a tough move. We tried to coordinate everything, but with my work and the stuff at home and family it was just too much to juggle. I missed about a month of posting anything. As things get normalized in Texas and as I find a new home for us, and as my drawing tools arrive, I should get back to more regular postings. My original goal was to move to TX by year’s end. It cam early. That is great. Now I can up my goals for the book, and aim to finish it by the year’s end or sooner.

Feedback welcome!

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