The shop – inked

This is the inked version for the scene where the kids get a view of the shop and all the flooding taking place. I realize I might need to make this look messier when I color it, or maybe just add a few details on ink after this post. It needs to look like a mess so kids reading it can say “whoa a big mess!”.

the workshop ink


It’s been a long delay since my last post. Moving was a big job, and getting our boxes shipped from the east coast took awhile. Also, sorting thru everything to find all my book related material…well, there wasn’t really that much for that…my scanner was busted from the move by the way, so until then future posts will be from photos of the page. At the end I am just glad I can post, and hope to keep posting frequently and get the artwork done, move onto colors by September. I am working on a schedule that I know I will have a tough time keeping up with. I need to push faster and farther. Life changing events are in line and I need to get the  book squared away or else it will fade behind again.


Feedback welcome!

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