Basement battery backup

Whew, I am actually typing the text ahead for this post. It’s been difficult for sometime now, I would basically draw this at around 1am, take a photo with my wife’s phone (because mine is still up for repairs) and send it to my email…I would then hastily post it from my office pc when I get the chance to the following day…

Well today is a bit different, it is 1:45 am I am done with some inking and I am typing ahead for these two posts…or so I hope… enough blabbering and time to get to the point.

This scene is where Dad shows the kiddos the backup power they have for their basement sump pump. It is very important that I get to show the key components to it because this will be used later in a reasoning exercise for the characters-and this problem solving will require the reader to follow it with the reasoning behind their proposed solution.

basement sump
The key things to show are:
the sump pump
the backup power
the possibility of the pump to be connected to any power source

This is followed by another scene where Dad shows them the same battery setup in their little Tacoma pickup. That was posted earlier here.



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