Grocery meetup

I got very productive last night and was able to draw up about 3 scenes and inked them partially. Also drew a lot of scenes for the end of the book. I need to review the storyboards again and make sure the stories and the scenes flow fluidly to each other. It’s been awhile since I stepped back to do that.

Grocery meetup

This here is a scene that goes to the front of the story when the twins are doing their shopping for supplies with the knowledge of a coming storm. If you remember here, the boys are in the hardware store and the ladies are getting last minute food supplies. Here, Sarah is using their walkie-talkies to tell the boys about what else they need to buy and stuff. Their friend (unnamed yet) happens to be in range and also has the same walkie-talkie. They talk and find each other and are happily surprised to be in the same store. Some chit chat occurs and onto the next scene. This is really just an introduction to this character as they are a big part of the story later on.


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  1. That’s a great hint at local forms of communication

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