Crossing over to the rescue

This is a good wide view of the context of the story. This shows the family driving across to their neighbor to check on them after they have heard no response over the radio. The scene has evolved, actually the setting has evolved. Initially they were supposed to be in a suburb, but as the story progressed and as the ideas changed, I opted to show them in a more sprawled out setting. Homes are not as close to each other, they are not exactly farms, but they have some land. I mean, this is what I wish I had so might as well use it for the book-I can explain the benefits of it as a setting in the story, as I have understood it’s benefits to me if I had it.

Anyway, the scene shows a nearby creek flooding the adjacent home (clearly why they had sand bagged their home earlier) They are driving with their trusty pick up truck that needs to be there because this is where they will get their backup power from later when they turn on the sump pump

Crossing over


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