After having dug up a bunch of dirt, the kids get started on making mini-sand bags, just as they learned from yesterday when the entire family was doing it for their own home. (I am not making a separate scene for it, but the empty sand bags were taken from the truck…I dont think it’s worth the interest to make a scene for it. I have been taking out some scenes from the book because it is already long as it is. I may loose interest from the reader. I need to make it count and show those scenes which have teachable moments to them, and let some freedom for the parents to explain where the sandbags came from).

Sandbag kids

The scene extends the reader and parent to build on the reasoning process by following the steps the kids are taking based on prior observations as to what the problem is. It has been a while but I mentioned before one of the things I was hoping to teach thru the book was the skill of problem solving and trouble shooting. I have made some scenes where the characters communicate with the reader directly to get them involved in the process, or illustrate the process as to how they arrived on their planned solution. I hope this works well.

Blackie sleep

I also added a quick sketch on early attempts to draw the dog. I am still building on my dog drawing skills and the lack of a live model makes it sometimes difficult.


  1. If you need some dog photo examples let me know

  2. That would be awesome Brian! I’ve been googling for photos but obviously I end up with whatever has the most hits – not necessarily what I need. Could you tell me how you can help? Blackie is a lab with some chow chow mix.

    Also, I noticed you might listen to other preparedness podcasts. May I suggest thesurvivalpodcast, which I have been listening to for about 4 years now. It’s got amazing content and really got me to a level headed approach to preparedness.

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