Dam set up

Going back a few scenes/pages-about 6 pages back approximately…the family was sand bagging their home also. This was that crucial exercise that enabled the kids to come up with this solution to help their neighbor. If they had not, as a family, done the exact same thing, then our main characters (again, currently named David and Sarah) would not have arrived at the same solution.

Being that I am still all over the place and drawing up stuff for different parts of the book (the last post was more towards the end) I am updating this part of the book where the kids sand bagged their home and looked at the end result. The text for this page will convey how the kids now feel like they have this kind of castle/fort-something most kids can relate to-and how they feel secure regardless of what flooding happens on the other side. This will be followed with a page that would illustrate the power and destruction of a big storm. It will not be too graphic, but enough to convey a sense of suspense and danger…something I realize I need to insert occasionally into the book.

Dam set up


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