I just wanted to make a quick post and shout out about this new company called Agritrue. This is a new initiative that I believe if it succeeds will allow more people access to real nutrition rich food from local producers.

It is an alternative to USDA organic and will allow end users/consumers to get more in touch with where their food came from. Basically how it works is that farmers will sign up for it, and will self certify that the product is free of GMOs free of pesticides or herbicides. This is based on an honor system. It also provides for a medium so consumers can communicate with their local farmers as to how they run their farm or homesteaders who have an over abundance of free range eggs. This will allow consumers to find it easier to locate healthy foods from producers of all types and sizes.

This is about food transparency, in a world where corporations have taken too much control of what we can and cannot eat. AgriTrue




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