The first read

I read the book to my son last night. He had slept late in the afternoon and woke up at 8pm, so I planned on staying up late to keep him company until I could get him to sleep for the rest of the evening. We went thru the book while it was on my work table, it was all sketchy and not attractive. I just wanted to see what his reaction to the story would be.

I wish I had done this earlier, give me some insight on how it would be narrating the book to a 3 year old. I was missing some sheets, but the drawings were inked out about 80% of the book. I had difficulty narrating the transitions between some of the scenes. I could also tell he was not that interested in it.

It might be that the blank inked drawings hold little life in them until they get color, it could be that the story is not interesting at all, or it could be that the artwork is not dynamic enough to spur imagination and interest.

Now would be too late to change any of the artwork and redo it. I’ve been working on this book for more than a year now and to go and somehow find a way to redo all the stuff would mean about a 2 year delay.

I mean the book is meant to be for about 5 to 8 year olds, and would be more interesting to kids who have parents who are into preparedness and self-reliance. Maybe it would be wise to test some reader reactions to the book.

My goal was to finish the inks by August. Perhaps right now the best course of action is to go ahead and finish the inks since I only have 3 days left. At least pass that milestone. If I need to go and redo things I at least have this accomplishment that will save me from procrastinating and abandoning the whole project.


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