Manual labor

I have been reevaluating the book after I read it to my son. He remembers the story, he asked for me to read it to him again a few nights afterwards. Still, his attention wanders off at some point. I am grading the book, per scene, as to who it really appeals to. Who it ends up being there for: the parent reading the book, or the child we want to train to resilience. So, no real progress on the book in terms of drawing. I told myself I would have the artwork inked by the end of August. No go. I feel right now I must settle this issue and at least understand the book better so that any future work will not be wasted. I do not plan on redoing a lot of the drawings because there is no time for it. At this point I can only make better transitions, eliminate or revise unnecessary scenes or tweak a pose or so…Still reeling from other things I need to fix, but I will fix this and update with progress on the evaluation.

Meanwhile, here is a scene I’ve made ready in my wordpress media library for a few days now. I was going to post this earlier but like I said I got hit with some reality.

This is where the kiddos start carrying the sandbags over to dam up the basement wall. Yes I would not advise real kids to carry such weight, but this is all imagination so let’s say the kids are okay carrying the load over flood waters. I do not really like making the view from behind-where the kiddos faces are not visible. It seems impersonal, but throughout the book the need for such views have arisen. Sometimes they are just necessary.

Also, I realized one of the key things is to give the child reader a strong impression of what that sandbag is. I encountered this while reading to my son. I need to solve this problem before I proceed with the rest of the story.

Carry sandbags

I hope this book comes out alright. I need it to be a decent book.

Feedback welcome!

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