Today I laid out the book on our living room and just stepped back to look at it. I’ve never had this chance before, since I was never this far along with it and my son was always running around the house with a bucket of ink. I have enough pages today, and my son is asleep. Yes, it is one of those rare Saturday afternoons.

First of all these sheets are for my markup set. I photocopied everything-even the pencils-of the sheets I know would be included in the book. I marked up this set with comments, sketches, notes as me and my editor/3-yr-old browsed thru it.

Book spread

Spreading them out was like having the storyboard version of it in full scale. I could walk over it, annotate, move them around and stuff. That is exactly what I did-moved them around-grouped them into a page. shuffle a bit. delete. add. keep critical ones on one page. In the end I removed another 4 sheets and bundled more scenes into what would be one page. As part of my exercise reading this to my son, we found some of them are difficult to narrate. Some need to be reinforced by a prior scene which we would have to flip back to. Some are just plain boring.

I guess this could be done with software, but that is something I am still trying to budget it. I find it easier to shuffle back and forth if I have and see the actual page in my hand-just how my mind works. I am sure others have it easier by using software like Indesign, this is completely dependent on the user.

After about an hour evaluating and rearranging, I ended up with a more compact/concise set. Most of the drawings still there and just rearranged. Or, on a few occasions, I had to include a few more images. I noted how many I needed to make the main body complete: 10 images. Almost there

Book compactBook compact close up

Feedback welcome!

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