Observing the scene

I am catching up on the drawings I need to complete the book. The culling exercise was great and really helped me plan out and visualize the tasks needed to get this moving ahead. I have a short list of which images need to be drawn and I am going to dedicate my stolen waking hours at home (usually from midnight to 2am, or early at 6am til I leave for work) to drawing the remaining scenes.

This is a partial of a page, meaning I am planning to combine this with another drawing that lacks the sufficient oomph to use up a whole page. This is the scene where the kiddos are studying the scene the flooding in the basement) to observe what they can do to help. This will be easier to narrate as the rest of the page shows them pointing out stuff which they see are the problem. This is to reinforce the problem solving and troubleshooting skills I wanted to show in the story. (My evil plan is to set up these teachable moments between the child reader and the grown-up reading it, where the grown-up can teach about troubleshooting, problem solving, reasoning and analyzing).

They are just leaning against the stair rail and allows me a quick view of their faces to convey thought and observation. The next scene is from behind them, pointing out to the solution.



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