Freezing water

I am backfilling some of the scenes and supplementing it with useful items which should help the parents reading to their kids. [Keep in mind to new readers to this blog, the book aims to teach self-reliance to children.]  To reinforce this, the following scene is part of the preparation the family takes just before the big storm hits. Here, Sarah (temporary name of character) is filling their freezer with water. The idea being that the frozen jug of water is a thermal mass that will store cold temperature, in anticipation of a power outage. Me and my family did this during two big storms when we were still living in NYC (hurricane Irene and hurricane Sandy).

Freeze water

The angle is a bit wide-angled, distorted to allow me to show Sarah that close to the freezer without having to many straight lines cutting off the character and misc items to include in the picture.

Feedback welcome!

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