More sand

I am just going to put in the rest of the scenes that compose the “sand bag instructional page” in the story. What it is supposed to be is a single page with multiple little scenes showing the process of building a dam on the family property adjacent to the creek. It may be a lot to show a process in the story, but I need it to reinforce the solutions that David and Sarah come up with later on. It is a lot of action and takes up a lot of space in the book, so I am cramming them into one page.

The first scene is the family discussing how to execute, what the objective is and who has what responsibility. I figured show the kiddos with shovels, as most kids would like to get their chance to use those awesome tools. hopefully stimulate imagination.

1 sandbag plan

I came up with this when I did my full scale storyboard review thingie. Like I said, that exercise proved to be very useful since it laid out my actions to achieve my goals.

Feedback welcome!

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