Leak stopped

Woke up this morning at 4:30 am to work on the drawings. Still a bit droggy here on my day job, but I have deadlines here too so it’s nothing that coffee will not deal with. This trio of scenes were drawn earlier and will be towards the end of the book. You have the grown ups just going up and down the stairs bailing flood water-slowly realizing that the water is receding.

Mom notices it and stops, then dad does too, and Gerry stops and looks out the window trying go figure out what happened.

leak stopd1







leak stopd2







leak stopd3







The little image shows the whole basement, the pump, temp power provided to the pump which the kids provided a solution for, water going out of the  basement, and lastly the sand bags that the kids added one scene back. The hope is that this will aid the parents in explaining to the child reader what has happened and how the solutions come together. Reinforcing problem solution as a skill to the child.

These are going to be posted as thumbnails on the page, thus I skipped the details on the drawing.

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