Coloring concerns

I am really close to completing the inks for the book. As such, as part of the planning for the next step, I have been contemplating a change to my original plan as to how I am going to render the book. From early on I had planned to color the book via Photoshop after converting the hand drawn inks thru Illustrator. I am researching my options if I use watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencils. I am pretty comfortable with all of these but it has been a loooong time since I used them and even longer since I used them in combination. Actually to be perfectly honest I cannot recall that I have used them in combination. Some questions I am trying to find out are:
-how can I copy my current inks onto watercolor paper
-if the prints are transferred to watercolor paper, how can I wash over it without messing the printer ink? (I am thinking of using a fixative)
-will my colors have enough vibrancy with watercolor
-how will the general feel of the illustration come out-and this will depend also on execution but since the inks are pretty much a fixed part of the whole artwork, I have some limitations on how to play this one.

Anyway, it is now 3:39am and I will need to get back on this tomorrow. For now I need to catch some sleep so I can function at my day job.


Feedback welcome!

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