Hooray leak

I am getting really close to completion of the line drawings for the book. This is kinda why the last few posts I have been just keeping tabs on what my current research has been regarding coloring the artwork. If anything, I have to draw up a conclusion to the story, the cover page and some inbetween sheets (like on the inside jacket or flyleaf, etc).

Besides the conclusion scene(the very last scene in the story) this is the last page. This is just a quick hooray scene from after the grown-ups figure out that the leaking has stopped and that how it was resolved. When they finally all look up, the kids are there visible from the basement window, on top of the sand bag wall they put up. This page is meant to be quick, just delivers the hooray impact to the kiddos and will not have much text. I’m kind of hoping it comes out right, and the success of that depends on the pre and post scenes to this page. The prior page has some build up, this is just a quick splurge, and the next one mellows down to a conclusion.

leak stopd4


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