The Last Scene

This is the last scene to the story. The kids have solved the flooding problem of the grown-ups and have overcome at least two big complications to their solution by going back and remembering lessons learned and prior observations. The skills learned from their parents in securing their home taught them how to help their neighbor buddy and saved the day. The sun is now breaking thru the storm clouds and all that good stuff…reminds me I have to draw that in later.

The Last Scene

I am going to review the entire story, include any markups I did not yet pick up from this exercise, and start to write in text. Also will be drawing the cover soon-man that is going to be exciting. But I think I should wait and finalize one big thing that has been holding me back: what is the title of the book. I have been going under …resilient child book…etc and it is okay for the blog. I cannot use it I think because it is under a lot of other books. Or maybe I can (?) I have to tweak the words into something that does not violate copyright, but the intention is there-resiliency and self-reliance.

Feedback welcome!

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