Funding and publishing costs

I am contemplating getting help from Kickstarter and backers to get the book out in paperback and as an ebook…So far the concept has been very attractive, with what seems to be an environment full of people who understand and appreciate small projects like books. While pondering on the idea, I also found out I should anticipate extra costs that I had not known off earlier. ISBNs costs, distribution cost in electronic format(?) I didnt know there was cost to that but I suppose the infrastructure would want something out of it-but I thought that was what Kindle royalties were for-with Amazon taking their cut for distribution(?)

I also looked at costs for a paperback print, my initial numbers are sounding too high, but maybe I just need to get more quotes from other publishers. Ideally I would like to get it printed in the US(in Texas actually), just to support local companies. I have seen to many books printed in China-which I do check out some of this info when I am reading to my son. I would be proud to say it was printed in Texas, my new home state.

Oh, just as an aside, I finally got my TX driver license. I am officially a Texan 😀 Awesome


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